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Always wear protective gear around insulation

No matter what the type of insulation, most kinds have some sort of health-related risk to them that you need to protect yourself against. Even if you're simply going to be in the vicinity of it, it's best to be as safe as possible. Cover up all skin by wearing long sleeves and pants and shoes that cover your feet. Gloves, eye protection, and face masks are also vital so that no particles can get into your eyes or be breathed in by accident.

Monitor your energy bill for steady increases

If you've noticed that your energy spending seems to be increasing and you're unsure of the cause, it may be because of faulty insulation. Any number of issues can occur over time, from water damage and rodents, to simply getting too old. The issue will only continue if untreated, and it can add up to a lot of spending over time on wasted energy. Having your insulation checked to ensure it's working properly is a good first step to doing something about it!

Look for dust build up in your crawl space

While it may not seem like a big deal, a thick layer of dust in your crawl space can lead to worse issues. It can make a good habitat for mold to begin to grow and eat into the wood, as well as entice in pests, including insects. The insects can make their way up into your home from there, and the mold and disease from animal waste is a health hazard. Use a flashlight to check it now and then.


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