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How do I rodent proof my house?

Rodent proofing starts by methodically inspecting the attic and identifying all possible spots were a rat or a mouse can sneak in. Because rodents can easily pass through holes that are much smaller than they are, any crack or space around a pipe or an electrical cable is a potential route they can exploit. The second step is to seal those gaps with material that cannot be chewed or gnawed through, such as a steel mesh. Once all areas have been sealed, the attic must be cleared of clutter and any possible food sources should be removed or stored safely away. Give our team a call if you need help doing this.

Can I install insulation myself?

It depends on the type of insulation that you're interested in installing. Some types are fairly simple to install, such as fiberglass, but still require safety. If fiberglass touches the skin it will badly irritate it and can cause a rash thanks to being composed of glass slivers that can embed into skin, and if it gets into the lungs it can be harmful. All types of insulation have the requirement to be careful for safety sake, and for ensuring the attic is properly insulated.

What is a crawl space cleaning?

It means that one of our experts will carefully enter your crawl space to take care of any signs of rust on the pipes, mildew, dust and debris, and otherwise. They do so using high-quality equipment that will ensure that all of these factors will be dealt with safely and efficiently, as well as promise that the cleaning will last for a long while. A dirty crawl space may also attract insects and vermin, in which case we will take care of any excretions.


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