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Reasons To Get Your Crawl Space Cleaned

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Reasons To Get Your Crawl Space Cleaned

Reasons For Crawl Space Cleaning | Crawl Space Cleaning San Francisco, CA

If you have a crawl-space in your business or home, it’s always a good idea to keep it in check. Here are a few a reasons why you should get yours professionally cleaned as soon as possible.

  1. Helps Prevent Mold Growth!

    It's very easy for mold to start spreading in your crawl space thanks to moisture from the pipes that run through it, or what could get in from outside. Dust can also encourage this, especially if it's allowed to build up more and more without periodic cleaning. The mold will heavily damage the wood, pipes, and otherwise in the area, which can weaken the structures keeping it stable and allow for a cave in. Spores emitted from mold are also dangerous if inhaled and can make their way up into the household.
  2. It Discourages Pests!

    A crawl space that's smothered in dust and debris looks like a perfect place to hide for many animals, particularly insects and rodents. This can cause a variety of issues, such as destruction of insulation and lowered energy efficiency in the process, infestation of your home, and more weakened structures from gnawing. They can also wreck the vapor barrier to keep moisture out, again leading to mold, and their waste carries diseases that can rise with hot air and into your home.
  3. It Addresses Water Damage!

    You may have standing water in your crawl space and be none the wiser if it's never checked on and cleaned. This will rust pipes and make them more likely to break and create sagging in the wood structure that can cause it to lose its shape and crumple over time. The water itself can be a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and mildew, which is bad news for your house and anyone in it as well.
  4. It Saves You Energy!

    It may not seem like your crawl space would have anything to do with energy spending, but it does! The insulation there is just as important as anywhere else, and even more easily harmed from water, rodents, or otherwise. If it has been, then you're losing money thanks to air escaping easily though this weak point and making your heater or air conditioning run longer to try to keep the temperature comfortable. A cleaning can get rid of threats to the insulation in place and note whether it needs to be replaced.

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