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Three Signs That Your Crawl Space Needs Cleaning

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Three Signs That Your Crawl Space Needs Cleaning

Three Signs That Crawl Space Needs Cleaning | Crawl Space Cleaning San Francisco, CA
  1. You Notice A Foul Odor

    Pay particular attention to where you are if you notice a bad smell, because if you're near an entrance to the crawl space, that can mean trouble! If your crawl space is left alone to fester for a long time, it may be become overrun with mold. This can cause damage to the whole area, particularly the wood structures, and on top of that the spores are very dangerous. If the smell is of a mildew nature that likely means this is the case. Another cause may be animals making themselves at home, and their waste or even their cadavers may be the cause. This smell may bring in further pests like insects, and on top of that they spread diseases, so getting everything cleared out as soon as possible is ideal.
  2. Seeing Signs Of Water Damage

    If you look in with a flashlight and see standing water, swollen wood that's sagging, or discoloration, this all points to pipes leaking. Not only will the water itself harm what's down there such as causing rusty pipes that are more likely to break and ruining insulation, but it creates the perfect environment for mold to take over and cause even further trouble. Catching this issue as soon as possible is ideal in order to take care of it before too much damage is done.
  3. Seeing Dust And Debris

    Dust and otherwise in general in your crawl space isn't a great sign. While it can't be helped, it's important to get it cleaned out periodically to keep the area in good shape. A dirty crawl space attracts animals and it can encourage mold growth as well if even a bit of moisture gets inside. To keep the systems that run through it like pipes and cables safe, as well as the insulation there that helps keep your energy spending manageable, having a professional tend to the area at regular intervals will help keep your home and those living inside it happy and healthy!

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